About Our Plan

It’s an exciting time to live in Prospect!. I am delighted to present this Strategic Plan to guide Council’s operations towards 2020. Drawing directly from an extensive community consultation engaging over 600 residents who took the time to provide comments and suggestions in response to our draft plan, we have been encouraged that Council is on-track to meet the current and future aspirations of our residents.
People, Place, Prosperity and Services are the four cornerstones of this Plan, with an eye to the day to day operations to lead the sector in service delivery whilst maintaining a strong focus on future prosperity.  Good governance, accountable and people-focused service delivery, responsible waste management and well maintained city infrastructure will be the catch-cry of how we do business.
What will Prospect look like in four years? We believe that the City will continue to grow and prosper; we will continue to leverage our digital advantage, facilitate a vibrant night-life within the Village Heart, and create more offerings of things to do, facilitate more jobs, whilst ensuring our parks and places are loved by residents and visitors.  The plan strives for a greener future for our City whilst being known as a culturally diverse and creative community.

This Strategic Plan is designed to inspire action and clearly articulate the Council direction for all.


People, Place, Prosperity-Great Prospects